Benefits of using the Public-Democracy Platform

Positive Benefits to Stakeholders:

For an interactive project to be successful there has be a buy-in (i.e. sufficient reason) for both the politicians and their constituents (Responders) to want to use the system:

Benefits of using the Public Democracy Smart App Platform:



Politicians: take control of the agenda away from main stream media, stay a step ahead, guarantee “clean air” for your messages. Gain close & regular communication with constituents allowing agility in your policy development. Electoral recognisability. Poll faster, more often, more accurately & privately. Fund raising right through the electoral cycle. Member & Volunteer recruitment. Updating & maintaining demographic integrity.


Respondents: Express opinions on key issues. Be heard & noticed. By-pass politician’s minders. Gauge other respondents’ comparative views. Influence out-comes. Demand responsiveness from representatives. Increased transparency. Increased accountability. Input on expenditure & infrastructure prioritisation.


Unions & Member Driven Organisations: Instant communication with user/member base with real-time metrics on responses. Cost effective opinion gathering on a more frequent basis than is traditionally possible through old polling models. Stronger capacity to lobby governments. Internal election campaigning and information campaigns.


Polling Companies: Great cost savings in all operational matters. Much larger samples produces greater accuracy and reliability of data. Faster, more flexible turn-around of information to clients.

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