Platform & App for Smart Polling

Public-Democracy : the new App and backend Platform for smart devices enabling low-cost in-house polling. Connecting Politicians and People.  Introducing an Interactive On-Line Platform for Politicians and Constituents - Organisations and Members, offering direct, un-mediated, measurable responses to trial policies and ads with real time feedback on videos.

The Public-Democracy Smart Device App is a platform for the latest and most technologically advanced method of communication and engagement between politicians and their constituents.

It comprises of a downloadable App, running on smart devices (such as mobile phones, tablets and wearable tech like the Apple SmartWatch), providing a means for open but controlled political discourse between elected representatives and their constituents. It allows for a greater capacity to get messages out in the form required, without any unwanted media 'spin' or third party comment.

It also allows constituents to respond in real time, producing extensive instantaneous metrics, thereby giving a true and accurate measure of how the message has been received and interpreted. It is an invaluable state-of-the-art tool to test-drive policies, projects and ad campaigns with immediate response, allowing for rapid adjustments to be made to make a message more acceptable to the target community. It greatly enhances the concept of ‘open communication’ and brings an agility and responsiveness to democratic politics, which leads to enhanced positive perception of politicians by their constituents.

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