• Depending on the organisation, campaign, project or individual, there are a number of areas where revenue can be generated from the Public Group's Public-Democracy App and backend platform for smart devices. These areas will differ based on variable factors, including the source, the campaign, the organisation and the issues. Generally a combination of several of the below listed revenue options will apply for each type of usage.

  • Public-Democracy : the new App and backend Platform for smart devices enabling low-cost in-house polling. Connecting Politicians and People.  Introducing an Interactive On-Line Platform for Politicians and Constituents - Organisations and Members, offering direct, un-mediated, measurable responses to trial policies and ads with real time feedback on videos.

  • The innovative Public-Democracy product is a downloadable app and backend platform, running on smart devices - phones & tablets, using the Apple (IOS) and Google (Android) operating systems.

  • PositiveBenefits to Stakeholders:

    For an interactive project to be successful there has be a buy-in (i.e. sufficient reason) for both the politicians and their constituents (Responders) to want to use the system:

  • Public-Democracy has developed a platform with a multi-pronged approach, consisting of various ‘silos’ within each different facet of its technology and data driven business.

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