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Public Democracy (PDPL): Current Status and Structure

Public Democracy (PDPL) is an Australian Company incorporated in July 2015. It currently has approximately 30 Shareholders, with Davis and Gyors holding the controlling majority of shares and voting rights.
PDPL is developing the “engagement” software and Apps, with all development work currently being undertaken in Australia, using several development teams. This software (Apps) will be used in Australia, as well as being licensed to a European subsidiary reseller (as yet to be established). In the US, PDA (see below) holds the exclusive usage and reseller appointment rights.

Public Democracy America Inc. (PDA)

Public Democracy (PDPL) owns 50% (with an option to go to 60%) of PDA, which owns 100% (including all rights & title) of one of the largest databases in the US, both in size and in historical trailing data (the Eleison database). The balance (40%) is owned by Eleison LLC, who were instrumental in creating the database over a 10 year period. This database has been extensively used, in well over 100 separate campaigns for major organisations and political parties, and is updated regularly by cross-matching against the official US Voter File database (the electoral roll).

PDA holds the exclusive, ongoing, licence to use the PDPL Platform in the USA, and will continue to own 100% (including all rights & title) with respect to the Eleison Data Base (EDB), one of the largest databases in the US, both in size and in historical trailing data.

It is proposed to incorporate a third entity, Public Democracy USA (PDUSA) as a niche reseller under PDA, concentrating on the entertainment industry. PDUSA offices will be located in Los Angeles, California.

Asset Ownership Details & Usage
Engagement Software & I.P.

  • Ownership Details - Full (100%) right & title to all software & I.P. resides with PDPL
  • Licenses - PDPL (Australia), PDA (US) & various other (intended) resellers will hold licenses to use the PD software & I.P.
  • Usage Options - The Platform and Apps can be used for political and commercial uses for a fee, to facilitate communication between large organisations or governments and their members and constituents for fees.

The Platform and Apps are also instrumental in capturing large amounts of qualitative, quantitative, behavioural and attitudinal data. - The International Data Base will be used in a similar way to the Eleison Data Base and also for non political purposes in Europe, Australia and potentially other countries.

The PDA/Eleison Data Base (Big Data) Assets
Ownership Details - The database described above is 100% owned by PDA. Licenses - PDA will sub-license the use (i.e. provide access to) the database to third party organisations and campaigns. Usage Options - The data can be extracted to provide useful and useable information for political campaigns, fund raising, product marketing and general public information gathering to facilitate policy design and decision making. Enhancement - The Data Base will be enhanced from information derived from the use of the Apps in the US.

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