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The Public-Democracy Platform : Social Change and the Engagement Vision

VISION : “Public-Democracy can change the way people interact with all forms of content” . Public-Democracy Pty Limited (PDPL) was originally established to empower constituency to influence outcomes by providing tools to trial policies, products and content, particularly in the political, social and community spheres, to bring about meaningful change in social structures via a "bottom up" approach, within a familiar social media-like environment.

To collect and productively use information in order to provide empowerment and assist people in taking control of their personal lives & circumstances, whilst allowing governments and corporations to expand their useful interaction with the public in general. The problem perceived by the Founders of Public-Democracy, in 2005 was: 

“The public is disillusioned with their elected representatives. They are mistrustful of the intention behind decisions and they feel disenfranchised as far as the decision making process is concerned.”

Over the past few years in Australia, the US and other countries there has been a rejection of politicians, political parties and politics generally. This is evidenced by the recent Primaries in the US where some of the favoured candidates have support because they are not politicians. Therefore it is now more important than ever for candidates/politicians/parties to engage with the constituency to understand what drives and motivates the voters.

Therefore we perceive the solution to this problem as follows:

“Provide a means for the public to be empowered and have meaningful input in the decision making process, in particular with respect to major decisions which affect their day-to-day lives and their economic circumstances.”

The solution is an easy to use, readily available, interactive, real-time product which people would have access to on an immediate and cost-effective basis.

Based on more than 10 years of experience, knowledge, field testing, live business operation and pioneering widely used technologies, such as “The Worm”, Public-Democracy have produced a downloadable App that runs on any phone, tablet, computer or other ‘smart’ device with a supporting backend platform that processes the collected data into instantaneous metrics at a much lower cost base that traditional opinion polling. As almost everybody has one of the aforementioned products, wide-ranging access is viable.

Unlike many solutions that operate on a ‘zero-sum’ basis, the Public-Democracy solution provides a win-win outcome.

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