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The Public Groups’s smart device App has an international market base in it's original intended market of political campaining but there has been a surprising rollout of interest from in a range of unexpected markets including film producers wanting to test movie trailers to large sporting bodies, and unions. The synergy created by acquring one of the largest user databases in the US has broadened and deepened the value of the App to prospective clients.


  • Australia has 819 State & Federal elected representatives with a votingpop- ulation of approximately 13.2 million people with between 95 - 98%turnout
  • Voting is compulsory so there is a high degree of public interest and involvement.
  • There are a number of (activist & environmental) member drivenorganisa- tions with substantial membershiplevels.



  • The US has 7811 State & Federal elected representatives with a voting population of approximately 212 million people of which around 121 million voted in the 2012 election(54%)
  • Voting is not compulsory in the US, therefore a considerable amount oftime, effort and money is spent on convincing voters to turn up on the
  • Direct communication with the public can greatly enhance voter turnout.



  • The EU has 28 member States, which combined produce 751 elected representatives to the EU parliament. The population of Europe is approximately 750 million people and the EU member states are listed as approximately 508 million people. The eligible voting population is approximately 300 million people.
  • Voting is not compulsory and voter turnout varies from country to country with some being as low as 19% but on average the turnout is as high as 80%.

An exciting development in the European market has been interest expressed in licensing the App by a major TV network planning to use the App to create viewer engagement in the coverage of the upcoming referendum and in the 2018 elections. Negotiations have proceeded successfully and the Public Group is developing the mobile App to integrate with live television broadcasts creating the potential for massicve new markets for the product.

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