The difference in the Public-Democracy Platform

Public-Democracy has developed a platform with a multi-pronged approach, consisting of various ‘silos’ within each different facet of its technology and data driven business.

Aside from providing solutions to everyday decision making via engagement, interaction and empowerment, Public-Democracy is also a ‘Big Data’ based marketing and solutions provider.

Public Democracy’s unique assets are:

  • Experienced “founders”/CEO’s with considerable experience in information and communications systems/software and politics; and considerable contacts in Australia, the US and Europe.
  • 50% of a US subsidiary company (Public Democracy America Inc.) which owns a major database of 114m US individuals with 10 years of longitudinal behavioral history; with an option to increase its holdings to 60%.
  • Established or developing ground breaking “engagement” software, developed and tested over a number of years.
  • Signed contracts and agreements with various parties including the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), the “La7” TV network in Rome and the “RAI” government TV network in Italy as well as several major NGO’s such as “Oxfam”, “Bread For The World” and major US political groups in the form of the US Democratic National Committee, the US Democratic SuperPac and the “Hillary for President” campaign.
  • Negotiations with a number of major Government’s political parties (including the Australian Government), and large multi-national corporations, expected to progress to contract stage.
  • Signed agreements with US based listed company to 'license' the use of the PDA platform for commercial purposes in three 'silos'.

The Public-Democracy business plan has been expanded to leverage of the skills and technology developed in the political sphere to also be used in commercial sectors.

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