Background Information on the Public Group offerings

Depending on the organisation, campaign, project or individual, there are a number of areas where revenue can be generated from the Public Group's Public-Democracy App and backend platform for smart devices. These areas will differ based on variable factors, including the source, the campaign, the organisation and the issues. Generally a combination of several of the below listed revenue options will apply for each type of usage.

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VISION : “Public-Democracy can change the way people interact with all forms of content” . Public-Democracy Pty Limited (PDPL) was originally established to empower constituency to influence outcomes by providing tools to trial policies, products and content, particularly in the political, social and community spheres, to bring about meaningful change in social structures via a "bottom up" approach, within a familiar social media-like environment.

About The Public Group

The Public Group is an Australian Big Data and Digital Technology Company with a US subsidiary.


The Public Group markets licensed access to its major database asset of 114 million US users and it has developed the Public-Democracy App and backend platform, accessible by Smart devices, that connects politicians and voters, or organisations and members, for improved democratic outcomes and unbiased, low-cost communication / feedback on policies and ideas.


The Platform utilizes innovative interactive video technology to present ideas, and swipe gestures for fast low intrusion interaction.


This platform has now also been adapted for use in a range of other sectors and industries.




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