Background Information on the Public Group offerings

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Public Democracy (PDPL) is an Australian Company incorporated in July 2015. It currently has approximately 30 Shareholders, with Davis and Gyors holding the controlling majority of shares and voting rights.
PDPL is developing the “engagement” software and Apps, with all development work currently being undertaken in Australia, using several development teams. This software (Apps) will be used in Australia, as well as being licensed to a European subsidiary reseller (as yet to be established). In the US, PDA (see below) holds the exclusive usage and reseller appointment rights.

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Because of the additional potential and market silos that have opened up (to what was originally intended to be predominantly a politically oriented product & service offering), the founders of Public-Democracy have decided that a more substantial and descriptive name would enhance the corporate image of the company. This will also be a strong and effective way to provide ‘group branding’, using the term “Public”.

About The Public Group

The Public Group is an Australian Big Data and Technology Company with a US subsidiary. It markets licensed access to its major database asset of 114 million US users and it has developed an App and backend platform, accessible by Smart devices, that connects politicians and voters, or organisations and members, for improved democratic outcomes and unbiased, low-cost communication / feedback on policies and ideas.



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