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A Valuable Start Up with a Big Future

For the investor the value lies in significant revenue opportunities through government and other client relationships, alongside the very strong per capita value currently being ascribed to growing collections of Big Data based on user sentiment and attitudinal psycho-dynamic data.

Invest in the Future of Big Data

The Public Group has established strong relationships with governments in the USA, Europe and Australia. Public-Democracy also have strong alliance partners in the US with a number of campaigns underway.

Public-Democracy have access to and control a very large database of 114 million users. This will assure an articulation for Public-Democracy to become a major participant in global constituency decision making.

New wearable technologies and bio-metrics, such as the Apple Watch, are currently being incorporated into the Public-Democracy App platform. This will enable highly sophisticated viewer sentiment to be collected against content, without requiring physical interaction, and in turn producing valuable emotional & physiological data indicators.

The Public Group aims to generate value and to change viewer empowerment via Big-Data Utilisation.

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A Tech Stock with inherent proven value and huge growth potential
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Big Data is an infinite resource - usage is niche specific
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The Public Group Big Data
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The Public Group Big Data
The Public Group Background Information
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