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Just another Tech Stock? A Look beneath the hood.

Technology stocks are a staple in any sophisticated investment portfolio, especially for those investors looking for long-term growth. The Public Group is unique in that it is built on a substantial and proven Big Data Asset but has energised the value of this asset by offering the abilty to streamline utilisation of the niche sub group contact lists that can be extracted from the database through the Public Group's other core product - the Public-Democracy App.

Gaining popularity in the late 1990s, tech companies have been targets of interest for investors seeking the quick gains, especially in the hot IPO phase. However, after too much investor euphoria, the technology stock sector became overvalued in the "dot-com bubble" and eventually burst. Investors are more careful in 2016 with technology companies, performing due diligence not only on the company’s new innovative products and growth outlook, but also on its fundamentals. 

The top-performing sector has continued to be Internet software and services, posting positive returns year to date. The landscape is changing and now weakest sector has been semiconductors due to the inexorable slowing of PC sales.

The technology sector is highly competitive while also complex. Companies invest billions in their research and development divisions to stay ahead of the curve. Innovation and efficiency are the primary drivers for this sector.

The Public Group is a 'start up' Australian based  technology business with a difference. By acquring a major functioning and commercially viable database. they have underpinned their business with a solid asset that has a proven record of solid commercial value. The attraction of such an asset is that it is infinitely scalable and a completely flexible resource, allowing for a huge range of possible commercial applications. Big Data allows us to understand reality more accurately. 

The Public Group's Database Asset meets the right conditions for data to become Big Data because of the following factors:

  1. A large volume of data
  2. Highly evolving data
  3. The Data is dispersed and presented in different formats
  4. The Data is accurate

The exciting synergy available by combining access to the Big Data with a technological solution for effective, efficient, low cost interaction with extracted subgroups puts the Public Group in a unique position within the industry. It is an extremely clever solution to have these two powerful marketing / campaigning tools combine. The future application of this synergy is unfolding at a rapid pace and in surporising ways, with many new markets opening up, and some very large scale organisations outside the political area keen to get on board once they have recognised the implicit power of this combined solution for database marketing.

About The Public Group

The Public Group is an Australian Big Data and Digital Technology Company with a US subsidiary.


The Public Group markets licensed access to its major database asset of 114 million US users and it has developed the Public-Democracy App and backend platform, accessible by Smart devices, that connects politicians and voters, or organisations and members, for improved democratic outcomes and unbiased, low-cost communication / feedback on policies and ideas.


The Platform utilizes innovative interactive video technology to present ideas, and swipe gestures for fast low intrusion interaction.


This platform has now also been adapted for use in a range of other sectors and industries.




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