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Welcome to the Public Group Instagram Feed.

We're strictly non-partisan (not left wing or right wing and not affilliated with any political party or movement) and we post what we consider to be the best satirical political cartoons on the current state of democracy worldwide. 

We focus on idealistic themes of education, anti-corruption, free press, equality, free speech, youth engagement, the social role of technology, human rights, voter apathy, media bias, fake news, tax evasion as it affects the national interest, the failure of current political opinion polling, and we lampoon the effects of Big Money lobby groups on the democratic decision making process.

We include the cartoonists credit and any website link available to these wonderful often savagely critical images that observe political life, sourced from wide reaching research across the contemporary internet.

Democracy must evolve and technology is the key!


About The Public Group

The Public Group is an Australian Big Data and Digital Technology Company with a US subsidiary.


The Public Group markets licensed access to its major database asset of 114 million US users and it has developed the Public-Democracy App and backend platform, accessible by Smart devices, that connects politicians and voters, or organisations and members, for improved democratic outcomes and unbiased, low-cost communication / feedback on policies and ideas.


The Platform utilizes innovative interactive video technology to present ideas, and swipe gestures for fast low intrusion interaction.


This platform has now also been adapted for use in a range of other sectors and industries.




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