Our Business Model

The Public Group's Business Model



Prime Objectives

The objective is to list Public-Democracy Pty Ltd on a public exchange, initially in Australia and then subsequently in the US on the NASDAQ. This listing may take the form of an Initial Public Offering (IPO) or be articulated via a Reverse Merger listing on the OTC, utilising an existing listed vehicle.

The time frame for phase 1 is between 6-12 months. with the US component being undertaken in the following year.


Operational Model

Around 18 months of research, testing and dealing with major political organisations in Europe has been undertaken, at an initial expense of around $150,000 (funded by the project initiators).

The results have shown that there is an overwhelming interest in the product, from both the political and the voter sides. In certain markets the organisations themselves would be prepared to pay up-front fees along with micro-payments during usage. In a number of markets the public would be prepared to pay a download charge a between $1.99 and $4.99 in order to simply register the product, enabling them to maximize their opinion. This can be coupled with a reward system, pro- viding additional benefit to the user. In the event that download fees may pose a problem, in any a particular market, the product can be made available for free with revenue being derived from third party sources.

During the test period no problem apparent in users providing a moderate (but extremely useful) amount of personal data on registering the product for use.

The current perception therefore is that the value of the product lies in gaining as large a user base as possible, in the shortest possible time. This would lead to large quantities of meta-data & attitudinal data being collected which in turn can be converted by various means into revenue deriving potential.

The proposition is to distribute the product as quickly and as widely as possible, with download revenue taking a second spot, in order to gain as large a user-base as possible in the shortest amount of time.

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