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Introducing the Public Group

Public Democracy (PD) is focussed on improving communication between elected representatives and voters. PD also provides services to large member-driven organisations and advocacy groups who want to provide information to and garner support from their base.

PD collects viewer feedback and sentiment on video content via web, desktop an hand-held devices, such phones and tablets, in real time in order to allow rapid decision making and policy coordination.

PD has the ability to assess viewer sentiment via the PD platform on a global basis.

Through PD’s US subsidiary, Public Democracy America (PDA), PD can undertake large scale analysis of the public’s attitude towards political, social and commercial acceptance of proposed policy, development, infrastructure and commercial outcomes.

Through PDA, PD has access to one of the largest and most comprehensive aggregate data sets to provide solutions to government, corporate, advocacy and not-for-profit organisations, as well as the general public.

PD’s prime objective is to create large scale and ongoing engagement between the general public and government and corporate organisations in order to enhance the democratic process. PD believes that people who provide their information and participate by engaging in feedback should be rewarded and reap the benefits of any changes brought about through their valuable input.

“Democracy is about everyone having the opportunity to be heard and to be included in the discussion and ensuing decision making process.”

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